Rolex DateJust Replica UK


The rolex dateJust replica uk received today and is very nice looking watch. And it looks great, like my previous rolex dateJust replica uk from you. But,I have one disappointment, that the Etched Rolex logo by laser on the inside of the glass at 6 o'clock position and on the inner ring under the glass is not there? You will see from our emails that I was very keen to purchase another rolex dateJust replica uk with you, but what can you do to keep me as a customer?

Just received my rolex dateJust replica uk and thank you very much. There is a significant problem with item 1082, see attached picture. The rolex logo on the face at the top of the dial is bent upward off the dial in the middle. This defect is really noticeable and I don't think I'd be comfortable wearing it. I don't know if you can do anything for me on this but if you can, I would appreciate it very much. I would also order another rolex dateJust watches, maybe two. The other rolex dateJust watches are perfect!

Im writing this message because the thread in the crown on my rolex dateJust sale is broken or defect. I bought the rolex dateJust sale back in September 2015, so im a bit surprised or disappointed it didnt last any longer than 2 months. So I would like to hear your opinion on whether I should get a refund, or you could send me a new rolex dateJust sale, because I didnt buy the rolex dateJust replica in that believe I had to buy a new one after just 2 months. Also I would like to say that the other rolex dateJust replicaI purchased is amazing, very good quality, all in all I have been very happy about it.

Unfortunately my recent purchase of a rolex dateJust replica, model #1364 has stopped working, the model has a self winding mechanism but despite wearing the rolex dateJust watches all the time the hands only work intermittently, also the date adjustment doesn't work at all, i have only had the rolex dateJust replica uk for approximately 3 months, I am very happy with the look of the watch but I obviously need it to work, can you advise how to proceed with replacement.

I won't be closing anything the rolex dateJust replica uk is in your area and they tried to deliver it to you but you have not accepted it. I have printed out all the emails between us and I'm posting them off today as it was longer that 30 days since I posted it back to you the barcode you need to check the postage status is RJ727283928GB and it was posted using the uk post office that is how you track the rolex dateJust replica and if I have not had the refund within 24 hours this time tomorrow I will send of the letter to my bank and then they will Handel the rest of it.