Rolex Day Date Replica UK


I have received this rolex day date replica uk order and I am disappointed. Your company have sent me the less expensive model of the same rolex day date replica uk, ref:60438. What I actually ordered and have paid for were rolex day date watches ref:19938. I have paid for the more expensive model and expect this fault to be fully rectified as soon as possible. If whereby this rolex day date replica is unavailable I am happy to receive the rolex day date replica ref:58240 which is the same price. Please let me know when you are in receipt of this email and let me know of the solution.

I am looking to order the below, however I have ordered stuff before that has been shown in order, for me to then pay the money and be told it's not in order. Before I make a purchase can you please confirm 100% you have the below rolex day date sale in stock and then I will order. I DO NOT want any other rolex day date sale, just this one. So if you don't have in stock please tell me. Rolex Day Date Cosmograph Working Chronograph with Yellow MOP Dial - Yellow Strap.

The rolex day date replica is completely the wrong model it's nothing like the one I ordered. 1 bezel doesn't turn. 2 not swiss movement it's clearly a cheap Chinese movement. 3 second hand ticks and it should sweep smoothly. 4 strap pin was broken on arrival so I had to get it replaced. 5 when the stop rolex day date replica is not in use the second hand should park at 12 but it wobbles about a second either side depending which way up the rolex day date watches are. 6 the rear case is upside down. It's just a really really cheap poor quality copy. Not at all what was advertised. I either want a refund or the correct rolex day date watches with the correct quality movement sent instead. I will take a picture tonight and send it through to show you how wrong it is. i will return the rolex day date replica uk tomorrrow 8th dec 2012 it is in the box it came in, that is inside another box then that is inside a padded envelope i will put a letter inside with return information and a list of the faults. as the graham replica came completely wrong can i choose a different rolex day date replica uk worth the same price as i am concerned when the replacement comes back to me it will be the same poor quality.

I am going to return the rolex day date sale for repair please van you give me address and I will forward it on. Once you heve repaired it if you notify me by email I will be ordering another rolex day date sale from you possibly another rolex watch so both can be shipped back together, how is that for you. Please supply me address. I am really sorry about this but I really like the rolex day date sale and want it too work, I have tried everything you suggest but with no luck, thankyou for your help.

I went onto the payment link but it dose not show any where to leave a message about the other rolex day date replica uk face. you asked me to say which watch it was what do you want a order number ? the rolex day date replica uk is in my order history if you look it up its the black face rolex day date with diamond markers. but what can i do as i cant leave a message telling you what rolex day date replica it is ?