Rolex Submariner Replica UK


im interested in buying a rolex submariner replica uk and visiting your website i manage to find something i did like. Item Number: watch027. but before i make purchase i would like to know a few more details on the rolex submariner replica uk for example: is this a swiss or japanesse replica, what mechanical movement does it use,what type of crystal are they, and what is the actual weight on the rolex submariner replica uk. i want to get the most of my moneys worth and your help in answering these questions and perhaps a more thorough description of this rolex submariner replica uk may help me.

I've just looked at your site to buy my partner rolex submariner watches and looked at the one I bought and it says it's water resistant. If it's water resistant then having a quick shower with it on shouldn't matter? I bought this rolex submariner watches with the understanding it is water proof as it states on the listing. The rolex submariner watches have condensation inside the glass so I cannot wear them. Please could you either send me refund or replace rolex submariner watches asap with a water resistant one like it states in your listings.

I have just received the rolex submariner sale for a gift on Thursday. It clearly states stainless steel case however it has come bubble wrapped. I am extremely unhappy with this, after the additional cost which is not mentioned on the website to this now. The money issued does not account on my bank statement as additional card charge which I believe it would. I have a meeting arranged with the bank to discuss this. Please advise what you can do to resolve this issue. I hope you understand, as over £ 100 is lot to be spending on a rolex submariner sale with no case and also added cost.

Hello, I do not feel that your suggestions are in any way either helpful or satisfactory. It very clearly states on your website that a 180 day warranty is offered for free repairs, the rolex submariner replica uk you supplied me has failed and therefore I would like it to be either repaired, replaced or refunded. In the last email you sent me you have asked me to source a repair at my expense, this is neither acceptable or reasonable, if you buy an item from a retailed and it develops a fault it is the suppliers responsibility to rectify it not the purchasers. If you do not want the faulty rolex submariner replica uk back can you either send me a replacement rolex submariner replica uk or a refund please. The alternative is that I contact my credit card provider and explain that you have defaulted on a warranty claim and ask them to refund my money and they can deal with the issue. I look forward to your replay with I hope a resolution to this matter.

Please send some pictures of some rolex submariner replica with black dial , man size , and tow color strap , and some stone inside and for the out side very very few stone..... I will try to choose from those otherwise please refound my money to my account because I wanted some rolex submariner replica which u told me it is out of stock AFTER buying . Its not ethical because before buying the rolex submariner replica i asked some question about that model and you answerd and you didnt told me that you dont have it.